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Acheron Online

2011-09-27 12:24:03 by Zephrothtlngrd

Building an MMO Called Acheron Online

Needed -
Voice actors
Concept artists
Story board artists
Song Writers (Have 1)
3D Modelers
Texture Designers

No pay up front. Tons of work. But guaranteed that this will get done eventually. Looking at a 12 year project. No need to be in the area, we have online meetings every Sunday. If your Interested Let em know. The information disclosed during meetings is confidential and a agreement will be read before each meeting.

:) 3 for now more to come

2009-07-24 17:46:43 by Zephrothtlngrd

Yup gonna post more when I get the time. gota fix this AMV for a contest and I also have to finish up 2 commisions. Enjoy XD.

Zeph out,

so yeah art

2009-07-24 17:37:51 by Zephrothtlngrd

Aparently they include art now XD. this is right up my ally as I have a deviantart account with over 160 Deviations. I dont expect to post everything here just some of my favorites.

Working on a flash

2009-01-11 16:47:32 by Zephrothtlngrd

I am currently working on a flash vid. it will take some time to get out. if you want to help feel free to pm me.